Justin N. Froyd - Jun 8, 2023
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The cost of a rental car can significantly drain your travel budget. Last year they were particularly high in many European countries. What is the situation this season?

According to the online portal Check24, rental car prices during the summer holidays are lower this year in most European holiday destinations.

Prices have dropped significantly in Spain, Croatia, and Greece, where car rentals now cost an average of less than 50 euros daily. Also, cars in Italy, Portugal, France, and Great Britain can now be booked more favorably than in the previous year.

According to available data, car rental prices were affected by delivery problems from car manufacturers last year. While prices have decreased this year, they are still higher than pre-Corona pandemic levels. Experts say that rental car prices in Turkey have also decreased to an average of 40 euros per day. However, prices in the USA, Canada, and Australia have increased significantly from last year, with average prices ranging from 115 to 140 euros per day. Prices in South Africa have also increased but remain low, with an average rental car cost of 47 euros.

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