Richard Moor - May 15, 2023
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According to Chat GPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, Naples has been ranked as the worst European destination. However, the ranking has immediately caused controversy.

Chat GPT named the worst European destinations. The list was established by a linguistic model based on Artificial Intelligence commissioned for this purpose. The software, developed by Open AI, can generate texts in all languages.

The opponents however warn that the list needs to be interpreted with great caution since it is based on travelers' unsourced experiences.

Naples and Tirana

Chat GPT has placed Naples on the top of the list of destinations to avoid. Italy's third-largest city is described as "overcrowded and chaotic." However, the ancient Roman city is full of beauty according to the opponents. Naples seduces many tourists with its colorful streets, the catacombs of San Gennaro, a network of tunnels and caverns.

The proximity of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the fascinating volcanic reliefs of the Vesuvius and Stromboli attract many visitors.

Tirana, the Albanian capital, is in second place on this undesirable list. Chat GPT notes the potentially harmful effects of the lack of infrastructure and the language barrier. The famous  Pyramid of Tirana, Skanderbeg Square, or the National Historical Museum are only a few world known attractions of the city. Many buildings in Tirana are symbols of the historical heritage of Albania, which is increasingly popular among international tourists.

Top 10 Worst European Destinations according to Chat GPT

  1. Naples (Italy)
  2. Tirana (Albania)
  3. Minsk (Belarus)
  4. Bucharest (Romania)
  5. Belgrade (Serbia)
  6. Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  7. Athens (Greece)
  8. Riga (Latvia)
  9. Sofia (Bulgaria)
  10. Chisinau (Moldova)

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