Alec Hills - Aug 15, 2023
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Lebanon is experiencing a bustling summer season, with tourists - especially Lebanese who live abroad - returning after three years of dealing with Covid-19 and one of the world's most severe economic crises, the World Bank reported. The Ministry of Tourism has recorded a significant increase in arrivals at Beirut airport, the primary entry point to the country, during the first few months of 2023, with a staggering 230% rise compared to 2021. This is a much-needed boost for the tourism industry, one of the country's economic pillars.

Byblos, a port city approximately 30 kilometers from Beirut, is renowned for its historic ruins, traditional souks, and stunning beaches. Numerous tourists, primarily from the diaspora, visit this picturesque city and explore its charming alleys. The influx of foreign currency from the diaspora helps boost the local tourism industry and contributes to the country's economy.

A breath of fresh air in the halftone world

Lebanon expects a record two million visitors this summer, a significant increase since the economic crisis 2019. Lebanon's tourism stakeholders are delighted with the influx of tourists as it has been a refreshing change. However, due to the pandemic, they can no longer accommodate the same number of tourists. Despite this, the number of tourists has increased since last year, a doomed season. Lebanon is still affordable for Gulf, European, or American visitors.

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