Pat Hyland - Apr 3, 2007

Las Vegas is well-known as the gambling capital of the world. Its casinos and hotels attract fortune-hunters and honeymooners in vast numbers, but behind the flashing lights and smiling croupiers, Las Vegas has been building a reputation as an attractive centre for business tourism.


Although the shows and the slot machines have much to do with the reasons for businessmen choosing a Las Vegas venue for their clients, the popularity of casino-free hotels has been growing.


There is no shortage of space in Las Vegas. The city has over 9 million square feet available for meetings, conferences, banquets and large-scale conventions. There are 133,186 rooms, and everywhere you will find high-speed (mostly wireless) internet access: an ideal asset for attracting the business fraternity. The city’s most popular and perhaps most famous district, the Strip, is almost always full (there is an occupancy rate of around 90% in Las Vegas) yet rooms are always easy to locate as there are so many.


Business tourism in Las Vegas is flourishing, even if this is not so well-known outside of business circles around the globe;  however, the city is certainly happy to have it run in tandem with the gambling halls if it continues to bring in the revenue which it brings today.


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