Bill Alen - Oct 20, 2023
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Abu Dhabi International Airport is all set to inaugurate its new Terminal A on November 1. As per the airport's statement, airlines will relocate to the new building in three phases over two weeks, from November 1 to 14. On November 1, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi and 15 other international airlines will operate from the new terminal. From November 9, Etihad Airways will operate 16 daily flights before completing its move to the new terminal on November 14, along with Air Arabia Abu Dhabi and ten other airlines. After November 14, Terminal A will cater to 28 airlines.

Forty-five million passengers per year in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi's airport operator has announced that Terminal A, which spans over 742,000 square meters, will double the current airport's capacity to welcome up to 45 million passengers annually. This new airport terminal is three times larger than the old one and will offer flights to 117 destinations worldwide, boosting Abu Dhabi flights frequency and reach.

Terminal A will include 163 retail stores, food and beverage outlets, two health and beauty spas, a 138-room hotel, and an open-air lounge.

A 3-billion-dollar air terminal

Abu Dhabi has invested nearly $3 billion in establishing a new terminal to revolutionize the aviation industry. With a focus on security, the terminal boasts nine biometric touchpoints, including self-service baggage drops, electronic immigration gates, and boarding gates. Facial recognition technology incorporated into the terminal will screen passengers, reducing waiting times. Furthermore, the advanced baggage handling system can process up to 19,200 bags per hour. This investment is part of Abu Dhabi's strategy to diversify into non-oil sectors and reduce its economy's dependence on oil.

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