William Law - Apr 8, 2008

Australia is an extraordinary continent. The diversity of local fauna and flora is striking and for a good reason attracts travelers who wish to experience a close encounter with animals that are nowhere else to be found. Unfortunately, the most bizarre species need special protection as some face extinction already. For example koalas are not that easy to discover and observe – however, those who have visited the Koala Park Sanctuary near Sydney praise this unforgettable experience.


In the 1920s koalas were shot by millions in Australia; apparently, the large export fur trade was experiencing a boom. At that time, a young naturalist – Noel Burnet – decided to oppose this situation. He bought ten acres of lush rain forest some 30 miles from Sydney and created here a Koala Park. It officially opened in 1930 and ever since, Noel and his family has been taking care of the precious koalas that live here.


What is absolutely unique about the sanctuary is the fact that the animals are living freely and naturally and thus visitors may enjoy full encounters not interrupted by bars and cages. Here, little kids may feed the koalas, or even cuddle with them. Thanks to the continuous attention local fluffy inhabitants are receiving the park is teeming with koala bears. There are also official free ‘koala cuddling sessions’ every day at 10:20 and 11:45 in the morning and 2 and 3 in the afternoon.


Those who visit this lovely place will also appreciate other interesting animals to be found here; peacocks, cockatoos, emus, kangaroos, wombats, echidnas or dingoes are other examples of Australia’s wondrous diversity.


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