Pat Hyland - May 22, 2007

Central Florida is known for its entertainment value. Thousands of tourists flock each year to Florida intending to visit the world-famous Disney World and the glorious beaches. However, on the international scale, one attraction is very often overlooked, yet it is popular enough to earn enough money in order not to be dependent on government funding. Admittedly, at $38 a head, a visit to the Kennedy Space Center is not cheap, yet it still manages to attract over 1.5 million visitors every year.


Built in 1976 in commemoration of man’s first landing on the moon, the 28-hectare giant theme park has developed into Florida’s most exciting and original destination for those looking for an alternative day out. It has great appeal, not only for astronomy lovers, but also for nature lovers, as the wildlife reserve is home to some of the world’s rarest bird species.


Focussing, however, on the astronomy attractions - the center"s main feature - we find a wide range of activities for those keen on learning more about space adventures and the history and development of spacecraft. The International Space Station Center is a display area crammed with full-scale models of space stations, whose very size gives the visitor a unique insight into the astronauts" lives and work. The Saturn V area is spectacular, with its  model of the most powerful rocket ever to have been built. The 6.2 million pound attraction has now become the greatest symbol of the entire centre. Two extra-large cinemas and the occasional chance to witness a Cape Canaveral lift off add to the Kennedy Space Center’s multiple points of interest.


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