Adventure tourism in Jordan

It's good to see Jordan doing well, but although trekking is sometimes mentioned, especially the Jordan Trail, other adventure activities are rarely mentioned. The climbing in Wadi Rum is now world-famous, but when we went in 1984, there was no climbing, though the Zalabia Bedouin of Rum had their own hunting routes in the mountains—some - which are now famous climbs enjoyed by many. As the first non-Bedouin climbers in Rum, with encouragement from the Bedouin and Tourist Board, we wrote the first climbing guide, and there are now many hundreds of routes as well as Bedouin camps catering for climbers and Bedouin mountain guides. Elsewhere, we developed trekking and canyoning throughout Jordan, also, to a much lesser extent, caving. All these activities bring adventure tourists; canyons like Hasa, Mujib, and Hidan are now famous, and there are numerous popular treks from half day to the country length Jordan Trail.

Tony Howard (Jordan)