Justin N. Froyd - Mar 28, 2011

The tourism industry of Jordan and other states in the region that nowadays experience rebellions and anti-government protests suffers. Tourists do not differentiate between states and cancel their trips to the region.


Wave of anti-government protests in northern Africa and the Middle East has a negative impact on the tourism industry in the region. As informs, destinations where the situation is calm and which are away from the troubled states such as Jordan or Syria are affected as well.

Tourists watch news about the violence and rebellions and they do not distinguish between different Muslim countries. They consider the whole region as unstable and dangerous that is why they often cancel their trips; and Jordan is concerned by the situation.

According to the information from the hotel industry, the number of cancelled bookings has reached 50 per cent. One of the local tour operators reported that 1,200 of 3,000 foreign customers have already cancelled their booking. The tourism revenue in Jordan reached approximately 700 million Euro last year, which is some 14 per cent of the country’s GDP.

The most popular tourism destination is the ancient rock city of Petra. The problem is that tourists often visit Jordan as a part of a round trip of the region during which they visit number of countries in the region including Egypt.

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