William Law - Jul 12, 2010

Jordanian are about to start building a new resort by the Dead Sea. However, it will not be an ordinary resort as it will follow the values of Islamic world. There will be areas restricted only to women with children and rules of Sharia will be applied on payments.


Jordanian investors have come together to build a new resort on the Dead Sea shores. This breakthrough project is expected to honor Islamic values and attract new tourists. It will be called al-Buhayra and will present an Islamic architecture, as well as values and morals. Abdul Hadi Falahat, President of JAEA, believes that "this major project in the Middle East will change the concept of tourism in the region.”

The complex will be built on an area of 218,000 square meters in the ZUP (priority housing zone) of the Dead Sea. The estimated price of the complex is about $100 million (€ 81.3 million). Work will begin in July 2010 with the construction of 200 suites, and the project is to be finished by early 2012. In the end, it should have about 1,000 suites. According to Sama Jordan for investment, real estate and tourism development and the Jordan Agriculture Engineers Association (JAEA), the two developers, the complex will have access to the largest lagoon in the region.

As econostrum.info reported, not only will the resort honor Islamic values but it will also be supporting the family. A total of 16,000 sq m with pools and various recreational opportunities will be devoted exclusively to women and their children. The complex will also have several cafes and restaurants which will offer play zones for children and which will not serve alcoholic beverages.

Other novelty of the project that is in accord with the rules of Sharia is the opportunity for tourists to book a suite for a number of weeks in the year while paying a lump sum once. Thus acquired suite could then be inherited.

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