Dan Rang - Jun 13, 2011
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March 2011 is one of the most tragic months for Japan. However, even though the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear plant posed a threat, the situation is now under control and Japan is not a dangerous place to visit.

March 11 has become one of the most tragic days for modern-day Japan. The earthquake caused a massive tsunami and damaged the Fukushima nuclear plant. Thousands of lives were lost and the radiation endangered many.

However, Japan has now risen from the ashes and is trying to tell the world the country is no longer posing any threats to the health of its people and visitors. Especially now, Japan needs tourists to return.

Many international organizations and governments have issued statements recommending tourists to return to Japan; naturally, safety remains a priority, and while vast majority of the country’s tourists landmarks were unharmed, official channels suggest tourists stay clear of the 50-mile radius around the Fukushima plant.

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) meticulously monitors all the related safety information, from radiation levels to transport and travel updates. Japan needs tourists more than ever; popular leisure destinations were not affected, for example the radiation in Tokyo is similar to the one in New York City.

There are no issues regarding safety of food and water and public transportation in the vast majority of cities and areas is up and running. The JNTO is inviting visitors back to Japan and reassuring them there is no need to worry anymore; the only caution required is in the 50-mile radius around the Fukushima nuclear plant, an area which quite frankly never attracted unusual tourist attention.

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    You have the date of the earthquake wrong - it was 11 March 2011!

    Kylie Clark (Japan)
  2. Corrected

    Corrected Thanks:)

    Editor (United Kingdom)
  3. South Africa supports Japan

    South African Tourism created a platform for 22 South African tourism trade companies to Osaka and Tokyo in June to meet and support Japanese tourism trade partners, both inbound and outbound. Airlines, Tour operators, Hotels, Luxury Trains and proucts exhibited and fully supported this trip, the trip was highly successfull, we are told told that South Africa was the 1st Country to hold such workshops since the destaer 3 months ago. we encourage more tourism offices to do the same in support of Japan. The South African travel trade said that their trip to Japan was very succesful and that they enjoyed Japan with no fear of any kind, only admiration and encourage the world to start traveling to Japan now and support the travel industry both inbound and outbound. Japan we are with you and want to see you succeed, Tourism is one of the key drivers to success. Yokoso Japan!

    Bradley Brouwer (South Africa)
  4. Japan Desperate...

    Whoever wrote this article is obviously either being paid to promote Japanese tourism or they are incredibly ignorant to the severity of the crisis facing all of Japan. Would you send your son or daughter to Japan? There is massive civil unrest in Japan. This is only correct when the government is covering up the severity of the crisis. People will never be able to return to their homes. It is time to stop worrying about loss of revenues and focus on the humanitarian needs.

    Fred (Afghanistan)
  5. japan is safe for visit

    okafor chinedu (Nigeria)

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