Daniel A. Tanner - Mar 21, 2016

Tuscany and Venice are popular locations of couples wanting to get married. Italy has become the leading European wedding destination for people who wants to have their big day abroad, and the second in the world after the tropical paradises like Hawaii.

Italy, and especially Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast and Venice, are one of the most popular wedding destinations according to a report released by the Observatory on Marriages Abroad.

British couples are the ones who choose Italy the most to celebrate their nuptials (25%), followed by the Americans and Canadians (15.4%), Russians (9.4%), Japanese (7.8%), Australians (5.2%), Saudis (6.3%) and Chinese (4.6%).

The rank of the most popular European wedding sites includes Tuscany (43% couples), the Amalfi coast (38%), Umbria (8%), Venice and the Alpine Lakes (6%).

According to the Observatory, wedding tourism was an important source of income in 2015 in Italy when the turnover for the sector exceeded 400 million euros (compared to 350 million in 2014), or about double the turnover recorded two years ago.

The average cost of a wedding in Italy is 50,000 euros (about $55,000), for a three-and-a-half-day stay.

In addition, there is the “loyalty” factor as 90 percent of couples who chose Italy for their wedding and honeymoon return to celebrate their wedding anniversaries.

"Italy, as a leading European wedding destination, has enormous potential. Even such celebrities like Sofia Coppola, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, or Petra Ecclestone got married here," said Suita Carrano, coordinator of the Observatory.

"It is a booming sector, as the figures show," adds Carrano, who is calling on the authorities to help companies in the sector to grow and develop further.


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  1. Also Rome is a very nice destination for romantic wedding.

    Eva Srovnalikova (Italy)

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