Nik Fes - Apr 8, 2024
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According to the President of Federalberghi Bernabò Bocca and the Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanché, American tourists are expected to play a significant role in the Italian tourism industry in 2024.

The increase in American tourists has made up for the decline in Russian tourism. On average, an American tourist spends 160 euros per night (according to Bank of Italy data) and stays for around ten days. Despite the concerns caused by the loss of Russian tourism, American tourists have enthusiastically chosen Italy as their destination of choice post-Covid. According to Bocca, there has been a significant growth in American tourism, which has been a pleasant surprise for Italy.

The US source market is significant for the Italian tourism sector. Experts point out that American tourists tend to spend more and prefer luxury, which is excellent news for the tourism sector. Italy is already investing in upgrading the quality of structures and services to attract high-spending tourists and encourage them to explore lesser-known places, small villages, and internal areas, promoting de-seasonalization and better management of flows.

The Italian summer appears promising, but ongoing wars can significantly impact the situation. High-end American tourists are not usually sensitive to economic crises but are sensitive to security concerns. Bocca expresses concern that if something were to happen in Italy and Europe, Americans might halt their spending overnight. However, the prospects for tourism in Italy are positive, with an increase expected in 2024.

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