Samuel Dorsi - Dec 3, 2023
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Italians have diverse preferences when it comes to spending their free time. Some prefer to indulge in food and wine experiences, while others opt to explore small villages or spend time in nature. They generally use their free time to escape from their daily routine and recover from the week's fatigue.

This information was revealed in a study on Italian’s leisure time conducted by SWG/RACHAEL and KuriU, which outlined the habits of the Italian population. The study showed that among the top choices, 74% preferred to spend time amid nature, and 69% selected to have food-related experiences. Culture, especially local culture, was also among the top preferred options, with 68% of the respondents choosing it.

The study also revealed that one in every two Italians thinks that the free time available is sufficient, while 60% consider it satisfactory in quality. Gen Z stands out with 64% in this regard.

Different generations have different preferences when it comes to spending their free time. While Gen X and Boomers prefer to spend time with family, Millennials (36%) and Gen Z (45%) prefer to have spaces to themselves. These differences are influenced by each generation's habits and interests, which change with evolving contexts.

Because of the pandemic, the smallest percentage of people prefer being in the company of large groups, which is only 7%. They also tend to prefer a smaller circle of friends (31%) with whom they can establish a deeper bond. However, those with limited free time face two primary obstacles: lack of time, with only 36% of people having enough free time, and finances, with 33% of people not having enough financial resources to do what they want.

Changes in Italians' leisure habits are worth analyzing to understand evolving customer needs across generations. For instance, Gen Z is interested in reading and engaging in activities that enrich their culture, leading to exciting ideas. Thousands of user experiences now showcase the essence of sharing free time among people.

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