Chris Grad - Feb 7, 2011
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Civita di Bagnoregio is a small town in Italy. Once, it used to be a seat of bishops but after numerous natural disasters, most of the inhabitants left the city. However, the town boasts numerous architectural sights.


A small Italian town of Civita di Bagnoregio is home to very few people in winter. During summer few tourists visit it so the population rises to approximately one hundred. There are no shops and only one hotel. Civita di Bagnoregio is dying and if it were not for the tourists the town would probably be dead already. However, its unique atmosphere lures tourists who hate crowded places. As the town, which was founded by Etruscans, is almost empty no developers are trying to destroy the old architecture.

The town is located in central Italy, about 120 kilometers north off Rome, near the city of Orvieto. As Cestovanie.sk reports, Civita di Bagnoregio has a long history. It was established by Etruscans on a rock. They, however, did not know that under the rock there was tuff, which erodes quite easily. The erosion is in fact the reason why most people left the town. The town used to be the seat of bishops. However, at the end of 16th century earthquakes, floods and erosion caused a lot of damage. Afterwards the town officials as well as the bishop left the town. Most of the remaining inhabitants left at the beginning of the 19 century and only few remained there.

The only access road to the town was a stone bridge that collapsed in 1901; the new bridge was destroyed by Germans during the Second World War. The current bridge was built in the 60s. At the same time, the government also started projects that slowed down the erosion. The town is a marvel for tourists who dislike crowded places like Rome. Its architecture is untouched by new development and it still looks as it did some 500 years ago. For visitors, there is one small hotel Civita B & B. The atmosphere in the town is unique and tourists may enjoy it over a glass of wine in the local restaurant Antico Fomo.

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