William Law - Jun 14, 2023
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A report by Prometeia-Aefi, the Italian Association of Fairs and Exhibitions, reveals that expo tourism in Italy has an annual production value of over 10 billion euros. The sector significantly impacts employment, creating around 90 thousand jobs. In fact, for every euro visitors spend on events, the tourism economy gains 2.4 euros in production and 1.1 euros in added value. The report also states that trade fair-related travel results in an annual expenditure of €4.25 billion on tourism goods and services, generating almost €2 billion in added value. Additionally, the indirect impact on businesses "upstream" of the tourism supply chain contributes 1.5 billion euros to GDP, while supply chain workers generate a further 1.4 billion euros of value added through their consumption.

Italian trade fairs have an annual production value of 1.4 billion euros and provide direct employment for 3,700 individuals. In 2023, there will be a total of 531 events, including 267 international events and 264 national/local events. Visitor flows are expected to return to pre-pandemic levels, with around 20 million certified visitors, including 1.5 million from abroad. The average stay is almost one night per visitor, with foreigners staying 2.5 nights. Visitors spend 170 euros daily, while foreigners spend 235 euros daily.

Prometeia says trade fairs are a popular travel option in Italy, accounting for 4% of typical tourist expenses. This is due to the 20 million visitors who attend annually, making up 2.5% of all tourist trips in Italy. Exhibition tourism is seen as a valuable opportunity for growth. However, this can only be achieved if everyone involved, from administrations to exhibitors, prioritizes quality services, logistics, and hospitality.

The exhibition industry is becoming increasingly popular among tourists who spend a lot of money. Their daily budget is 60% higher than the average tourist's. This industry is already significantly impacting the tourism economy, particularly employment. For every 47 thousand euros visitors spend at trade fairs, one job is created in the national supply chain.

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