Ashley Nault - Nov 8, 2023
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According to Siae 2022 data, Italian amusement parks are experiencing a solid recovery this season. The turnover relating to ticket sales has increased by 75% compared to 2021, achieving the best result in the last five years. The numbers are even higher than the pre-pandemic figures, with a 10.9% increase in 2019.

Luciano Pareschi, the president of the Italian Permanent Parks Association, has commented that the involvement and attention paid by Siae to the amusement park industry during the data presentation highlights a rapidly growing sector. The industry's significance and impact have increased significantly compared to the past. Despite the losses caused by the pandemic and the increase in interest rates, the companies have continued to invest and innovate, achieving significant goals and containing the increase in prices. This has benefited the public, as the increase in ticket prices has been around 4-5%, well below the general trend of out-of-control inflationary pressure.

Siae has certified 18,463,628 entries for the year 2022, which is a 72% increase from 2021. However, it is slightly lower (-5%) than the record set in 2019. The top of the list is Veneto, which has a very high concentration of amusement parks, followed by Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, and Lazio. With a high turnout but fewer open parks, summer continues to be the most popular season, followed by April and October. The trend continues in the first three quarters of 2023, with an expected increase in turnover of 8% to 10%, reaching 22 million Italian visitors and 1.7 million foreigners. The growth is thanks to the 120 million euros invested in new attractions, shows, and expansions since the beginning of the year. Investments totaling approximately 450 million euros are planned over the next three years, improving the competitiveness of Italian parks on the international market. It will also positively affect related industries and employment, making the territories more attractive for tourism.

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