Anna Luebke - May 17, 2023
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The tourism industry in Istanbul is preparing for the UEFA Champions League Final, which will be played on June 10 at Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Experts point out that about 50 000 football fans come to Istanbul for the final match with an average of two nights' stay.

Although the match is an ideal opportunity for tourism in Istanbul and Turkey, Europeans who travel to the Champions League are generally middle- and upper-income. So it's estimated that every football fan will spend an average of 1000-1500 euros per visit.

Guests need to be satisfied

The hotels around the Olympic Stadium and the Historic Peninsula are expected to be full, especially in Silivri. The final will be broadcast live in hundreds of countries and watched by over 1 billion people, vital for Istanbul's promotion. Therefore, tourists can come to Istanbul from all over the world after the final.

The tourism industry highly values social media shares and visitor feedback. This helps ensure their satisfaction with the service sector. Moreover, visitors' positive statements to their family and friends upon returning home are also precious. As long as visitors leave without issues, their experiences in Istanbul will continue to contribute positively to its tourism industry. The impact of sports events on Istanbul tourism is significant, estimated at around 100 million euros.

Price per night: 300-400 EURO

Accommodation prices increase during the final week. For example, the current accommodation price of 4 and 5-star hotels is 150-200 Euros per night. These prices are expected to be 300-400 Euros during the final week. The bed capacity of Istanbul hotels is around 150 thousand.

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