Larry Brain - Jan 6, 2009

Israel is taking the green path. Their soon-to-be-completed "Ayalon Park" project will become a symbol of Israeli eco tourism. The plan is to transform the 2,000-acre Hiriya garbage dump into one of the world"s largest urban parks with numerous recreational possibilities.

The Hiriya garbage dump located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv has been operational since 1952 and it has been an eyesore ever since. The dump lured garbage eating pigeons and it also produced horrid stench. Israelis have decided to deal with this environmentally hazardous problem and to actually benefit from it.

On the 2,000 acres of the park visitors will have the possibility to enjoy bicycle trails, hiking or horseback riding as well as other sports. There will be streams and trees, a pleasant change from garbage and stink. In the heart of the future park lies the 230-foot Hiriya Mountain. It is a waste-mound that has been transformed into a wonderful eco spot. The mountain will be an ideal spot for picnics and hiking. It also features panoramic views.

At the base of the mountain is located the 75 acres Recycling Center where the most innovative technologies for recycling waste are being used. Experts from all over the world come here to learn more about the technologies. The park is also meant to provide education about the environment and recycling.

It is not only the government who is involved in the project. A non-profit organization, the Friends of the Ayalon Park, was founded in 2005 to support the project. They promote the park and they have also launched a website to raise awareness of it. Currently, Ayalon Park is the country’s most ambitious environmental project and it is branded as the Israel’s “green future”.


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