Pat Hyland - May 4, 2009
Major surveys have recently investigated what people need to be able to find their best hotel deals. The only surprise which came up was the extremity of the figures and total bias towards the Internet. The 10 countries involved provided a decent cross-section of the world hotel industry. Let’s start with an unsurprising fact: UK holidaymakers mostly use the Internet to find the best deals and best hotels before embarking on holiday. This goes for business travellers also. Now to the surprising element: Kayak has discovered that 92% of UK holidaymakers actually do this and a mere 1% of people look for advice from high street travel agencies. It seems that the Internet is the absolute winner in hotel marketing nowadays. It is then no surprise that the results of a Reuters Synovate survey, which involved 6.300 people in 10 major markets, revealed that Internet connections in hotels are an absolute must for the vast majority of business and leisure travellers. Indeed, 47% of those questioned said that the hotel must meet their demands in technology. Staying with the Internet, 17% of people claimed that they use review websites, thus trusting the opinions of others. Most of these particular people were Japanese. Out of the 10 countries from most world continents, it was revealed that one third of the people questioned find their hotel on the Internet, whereas the most popular alternative is asking a friend or colleague. Interestingly, only one out of ten people said that they choose the first hotel that seems reasonable to them. This suggests that people are willing to surf for a certain amount of time before finding a hotel of their choice. Basically, it seems to be all about the Internet – the majority of people finding a hotel on the net then needing the net at their destination hotel. Related:CRUISE: THE GROWING POPULARITY OF USER-GENERATED CONTENTNEW STYLE OF CAMPING: PEER-TO-PEERTop 10 “Internet Countries”


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