James Morris - May 30, 2016
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Berlin is the number one location for hosting international conventions according to the statistics of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). 

With 195 events Berlin beats Paris (186) and Barcelona (180), followed by Vienna, Madrid and London. Singapore is the city with the most events of this kind outside Europe. It is the first time that Berlin is leading this list.

In addition to the large international conventions, these statistics also record events that are held in hotels or smaller convention centers. Compared to 2014, the number of conventions for more than 1,000 people increased in Berlin. The amount of events with 50 to 200 participants increased as well.

Conventions are an extremely important economic factor for the German capital. The expenditures of the participants reach 232 Euros which is 12 percent more than the money spent by regular Berlin visitors.

The ICCA-statistics also include international conventions with more than 50 participants that take place in a fixed cycle and are being rotated among at least three countries. In order to ensure global comparison, international conventions of associations are being counted exclusively. Since 2004, Berlin ranks among the top 5 on this list. 

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