Nik Fes - Apr 22, 2019
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More and more agents, entrepreneurs and management companies are convinced of the need for innovation in the tourism industry to maintain a certain level of competitiveness and, above all, to attract tourists.

It must be noted that tourism is an engine both economically and in the field of dynamization of society. That is why it is essential to pursue the constant development and transformation that benefits not only tourism but also other related sectors. Even so, it is still a pending task for many companies and tourist destinations. This is why Tourism-Review presents you the keys to innovative tourism when creating a tourist product.

Sustainability in mind

Responsible tourism is more than a fad which is great news for the sector as it allows one to enjoy the destinations while being considerate towards their habitat, culture, and people. It is thanks to this success that it is time to bet on tourism products that carry the word sustainability incorporated.

There are many ways to express sustainability. From glamping and the creation of outdoor, ecological and environmentally friendly accommodation to the configuration of tourist routes 100% responsible with the environment.

Mobile applications

Who doesn’t have a smartphone today? The reality is that we all see each other with a mobile phone in our pocket and dedicate lots of time to it, whether through the Internet, social networks or apps.

The latter can be an important innovative tourism route. Traditionally it has been thought of as a tool to help the traveler in the destination. However, they are useful and can be very successful even if they are applied in any other phase of the life cycle of the traveler.

If one wants the app to be one of the most downloaded ones, it should encourage gamification, offer discounts or exceptional tourist services for those who have it and should give value to the content generated by the user, the User-Generated Content.

A different experience

The travelers of today want to live unique experiences and beyond the service that one can give them. This involves including virtual or immersive activities in the offer that can later have a reproduction in real life and that convert the travelling experience in an unforgettable moment.

New technologies make it easier for customers to enjoy these unique experiences, which is fundamental in a sector such as tourism. Here, emotions and sensations are part of the overall impression and will help determine the level of satisfaction.

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