Bill Alen - Sep 21, 2015
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Venturing into the wild is not so rough when you take your smart device along for the trip. There is a practical side to smart technology that allows you to enjoy nature without looking down at your screen all of the time. App selection is key, and with the right apps onboard your wild camping trip can be a blast. Here’s what we mean.

The power of your smart device starts before you leave home. Use it to make the perfect packing list and map out your route to the campground. Once you arrive, you can use it to find camping hacks to set up your campsite.

Since you are in a new place, use your device to find the coolest features of this area. What might be on that list? Hidden swimming spots, hiking trails, wildlife viewing opportunities, caves, and great spots to sit and relax. Along the way, you can record videos or take high-quality pictures with the iPad Air. The 8-megapixel iSight camera delivers high-quality photos and the 9.7-inch Retina Display is perfect for photo editing, viewing maps, or researching what poison oak looks like. 

Speaking of apps, employ the one that helps you identify the tracks that critters left behind. Did a bear just walk up the trail? The apps make the device come alive. Back at camp, you can use your device to find recipes designed for camping. There are a lot of variations to the standard s’mores recipe too.

There are even apps that help you enjoy the outdoors at night. Download a map of the constellations and enjoy some time staring at the stars.  You can also take the time to upload all of those beautiful pictures that you took today to your social media account because your friends may not believe you saw bear tracks.  If you are ready to empower your outdoor adventures, check out the infographic below:


The infographics is also available in high resolution:

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