Anna Luebke - May 5, 2014
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Incoming stood at 33 billion, while outgoing was 20.3. As always, Rome led the pack in revenue from abroad per province. Germany was our primary inbound market. Milan foreign tourist spending was at 3 billion (+6%), while tourism from Europe decreased.

"The year 2013 ended with an increase (+3.1%) of foreign tourist spending in Italy compared to the previous year, with a total amount of €33.064 billion, confirming the positive trend reported in 2012 (in which expense growth was 3.8%)," say experts.

Confirming therefore the recent predictions, in particular the decrease in consumption of Italian tourists abroad: 20.309 billion, compared with 20.514 in the previous year. In 2013, the net balance of tourist payments in Italy remained positive and amounted to 12.755 billion, an increase compared to that which was recorded the previous year.
The growth was generated by the increase in international tourism receipts (+3.1%) compared to a decrease of outgoings (-1%).

The Italian regions: North East Decline

An examination of the territories shows that the centre of Italy and the North-West showed particularly positive trends (+5.5% and +5.4% respectively), followed by the South and the Islands (+1.7 %), while the North-East had seen a decline (-2.4 %).
The Italian province with the largest influx of foreign tourist revenue is confirmed as Rome (5.574 billion) in net growth (+7.9%) over the previous year.
Many other major destination provinces recorded positive changes: Milan (total cost: 3,108 billion, change, +6.4%), Florence (2,211 billion, +8.9%), and Turin (727 million, +5.3 %). For Venice, however, after the growth of last year, there was a decrease (2,678 billion, -3.7 %).
Looking at the countries of origin, there is a reduced influx from EU countries (-2.8 %).

Germany the Major Tourism Generator: 15 %

Germany is the nation that generates the most revenue for Italian tourism (15 % of the total), albeit with spending declining from the previous year (-6.5 %). However, revenue increased from France (+4.5 %) and Austria (+8.0 %), while decreasing from the United Kingdom (-4.7 %), Spain (-10.2 %), and the Netherlands (-2.9 %). The spending of other traditional markets of international tourism also increased, notably the United States (+11 %) and Switzerland (+5.7 %) as well as the continuing positive trend of Russia (+ 11.5 %).

Outgoing: Down by 1 %

Examining the trends of outgoing flows, the spending of Italian travelers abroad (in total 20.309 billion) decreased (-1 %) in correspondence with the continuing downturn of income in Italy. Among the main countries of destination for Italians showing positive changes are only Russia (+10.3 %), China (6.2 %), the Netherlands (+3.9 %), and Austria (+3.1 %). In decline, however, are Spain (-10.8 %), Germany (-8.3 %), France (-6.0 %), and the U.S. (-4.8 %).

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