Larry Brain - Dec 12, 2022
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It’s no secret that Los Angeles is home to many fantastic sports and fitness opportunities in the city. Not only can you hike in the mountains, work out at the beach, or shoot some hoops in the suburbs, but there’s also the chance to cheer on the Lakers, Rams, Dodgers, or whichever team you support in L.A.

However, sometimes the noise, smog, and overall crowding of Los Angeles can get too much in your life. When this happens, it’s good to get out as far away as possible and leave it all behind.

This got us thinking… where can you go that has good connections from L.A., has many fitness and sports possibilities, and has beautiful nature that is too good to ignore? Well, how about Zurich in Switzerland? After all, Swiss tourism is on the rise and now’s the time.

Of course, Switzerland is famous for its cheese, beer, and chocolate, but if your idea of a vacation is slightly healthier, then you’ve still got great options in Zurich! From hikes in the mountains to water sports on lakes to bike rides around the city, you’ve got it all in the Swiss capital city.

So, pack your athletic items, tell a neighbor to water your plants, and take a look at the best options for you regarding flights from LAX to Switzerland. Now, we’ll discuss all the amazing sports and fitness ideas that await you when arriving in Zurich!

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Go jogging in the forest

There’s nothing quite like the silence of the trees to accompany you on your jog. It’s incredibly invigorating to be in nature while staying fit, and there are numerous great forested areas in Zurich for you to check out.

The Fluntern forest of Zurich is especially astonishing for joggers, as there are many fitness zones that are designed to test your flexibility, endurance, and strength. There are hundreds of trails that feature these zones for you to stop at to give your body and mind another trial.

See the city on two wheels

Although public transport is one fine way to get to know a city, sometimes you don’t really appreciate everything as the sights go whizzing by. Walking is always a good idea, but it can be tiring, which is why biking is often the perfect solution for tourists.

You can rent bikes and travel from one attraction to the next, all the while getting in some great cardio workout and being eco-friendly. If you’ve already covered the main spots in Zurich, then you can also try paths along lakes and mountain areas that will really test your fitness.

Go wild with water sports activities

Zurich isn’t just a beautiful city due to the architecture and fashion, but also because of the impressive Lake Zurich, as well as the Limmat and Sihl rivers. These give you ample opportunities to try out some fun water sports ideas, such as extreme wakeboarding, relaxing kayak tours, or simply just swimming and diving in super-clean outdoor pools.

Try something new with some winter sports

Don’t mind the cold? Zurich is incredibly pretty in both summer and winter, but if you choose to travel in the chillier months, then you’ve got many chances to attempt some skiing and snowboarding! Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a pro at winter sports, you simply can’t miss the crisp snow and epic mountain views.

There are so many fantastic resorts for skiing and snowboarding, that you’re really spoiled for choice as some of the best areas in Switzerland include the Flumserberg, Hoch-Ybrig, Amden, Elm, and Engelberg-Titlis. These slopes are all very close to Zurich and let you experience a winter wonderland after you’ve seen everything in the city itself.

When you’re done with skiing or snowboarding, you can chill out (no pun intended) in your cabin with a warm drink like coffee, mulled wine, or cup of cocoa and just breathe in the mountain air.

If mountains are not exactly your thing, then you can still enjoy some winter sports by ice skating on the remarkable Dolder rink in Zurich. This beautiful artificial 6000-square-metre ice rink is the largest in Europe and has delighted crowds of all ages since 1930. You don’t have to be a pro ice skater either, so just have fun!

Support the local soccer team

Lastly, you’ll be happy to know that Switzerland has its own soccer league and the quality is just as excellent as anywhere else in Europe. FC Zürich is one of the most popular teams and is actually the current champion! The Swiss Super League runs from July to May in the following year, with a quick winter pause from the middle of December to the first week of February.

European soccer is often on another level and it’s always a great atmosphere at the Letzigrund stadium, where FC Zürich plays its home games. So, cheer on with the locals and hopefully you’ll witness several goals and a home win!

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