Anna Luebke - Apr 17, 2017
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Faced with great housing difficulties during the summer, the local authorities of Ibiza, the tourism paradise for many, ask Madrid for help.

Ibiza is perhaps the paradise of vacationers, but it has also become the hell for officials. Accommodation is almost inaccessible for police officers as well as doctors and health personnel appointed on the small island of the Balearic Islands, and local authorities are asking the Spanish government for help in solving the problem.

Newcomers face higher rents than their wages… that is, when they find somewhere to rent during the off-season, since during the summer, it is impossible for them to find accommodation on the island when the tourism paradise is invaded by visitors who raise prices.

This is what the police unions are reporting; they are worried not only to be understaffed during the peak of attendance in the summer, but are worried also because some appointed officials prefer to give up their job rather than face the headache of finding suitable accommodation.

The same applies to doctors appointed to the hospital in Ibiza. So much so that the management of the hospital center had to decide to renovate in a rush an old, abandoned building to be able to provide health personnel, arriving between now and the summer, with housing.

They will not be the only ones living in precarious conditions. Employees in the hotel and trade industries also know the hidden face of the Ibiza summers. They can pay 500 euros to live on a balcony or 300 euros to unroll a simple mattress without access to a kitchen or a bathroom, as signals the platform of rental victims, emphasizing that some also sleep on the beach or in their car. The tourism paradise turns to hell on earth every summer season and the government needs to come up with some strategies to cope with the serious problem.

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