Daniel A. Tanner - Oct 27, 2014
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Papers can be misplaced or lost with more ease than smartphones and smart watches. With that in mind, Samsung and Iberia entered a collaboration to bring passengers the wearable boarding pass. While at airport checkpoints, travelers can present their passes from the display of Gear Neo and Samsung Gear 2 smart watches.
Customers that want to benefit from the innovation have to download the Iberia Airline’s app (available in the Samsung Galaxy App store). The app is compatible with both, Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Neo and it allows the installation of the boarding pass straight onto the smart watch. If you already had the Iberia app, prior to the changes, you will have to re-install it so that the wearable boarding pass function can be accessed. The pass can also be transferred from smartphone to smart watch with ease.
Iberia's director of Digital Business, Miguel Angel Henales stated that Iberia, the largest airline of Spain, is the kind of company that constantly seeks innovation and is not afraid to bring in the latest technologies and services to their customers. In regards to the latter, Henales is confident that the wearable boarding pass will be welcomed by great amount of passengers.
Vice-president at Samsung Electronics, Celestino Garcia declared that Samsung considers technology to be a facilitator in people's lives, allowing them a more comfortable way of living. He went on to say that he acknowledges smart watches (and wearable gadgets in general) as the latest in innovatory technologies, taking the access to information one step further by simply taking a glimpse at one's wrist. He also considers the Iberia-Samsung agreement as a great progress in logistics.
With over 600 flights daily, Iberia is the main airline connecting Europe and Latin America. They land on over 100 different airports, spread in no less than 40 countries with their fleet that has over 120 aircrafts.

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