Ashley Nault - Aug 20, 2021
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Visa is one of the most important documents to travel the world smoothly and without any difficulties. It is an authorization document issued by a specific country to foreign travelers giving permission to enter and stay abroad.

Like all other official processes, traditional visas have also been shifted to the digital format. At present, almost every government has issued an electronic visa (also known as eVisa) for international travelers to use.

What is an eVisa?

eVisa is an official travel authorization document that grants foreign visitors permission to enter any selected destination. eVisas are usually issued for short-term stays relating to leisure, business, or transit.

eVisa is an electronic type of traditional visa. One of the significant differences between electronic and standard visas is in the process of applying. The application process for an eVisa requires no Embassy visits and can be conducted entirely online.

In contrast, traditional visas can only be applied for by visiting the Embassy. Moreover, both requirements and the application process is much longer and more complicated than that of eVisas.

eVisa is very easy to get and its processing time takes only up to 72 hours. Unlike traditional visas; there is no need to wait in lines, go through stressful visa interviews, wait weeks for approval, or waste money and time on Embassy visits. By choosing the services of online services like Evisa Express, you can apply for e-visa to over 50 different worldwide destinations.

What are the different types of eVisa?

Based on the purpose of traveling, eVisa has the following major types:

  • Tourist eVisa

As the name implies, tourist eVisa is a type of eVisa that can only be used for tourism. Tourist eVisa holders can easier enter the desired destination for all leisure and tourism-related reasons. For example, since the Authority introduced Kenya eVisa online, the number of foreign tourists in the country is growing, 

This is the most popular type of eVisa. Some countries have even removed additional requirements to get eVisa for foreign travelers applying for this visa type.

  • Business eVisa

Business eVisa is valid for business trips. It is can be more expensive than the tourist eVisa. Those who want to travel for business purposes should obtain this type of electronic visa.

Business eVisa holders can attend meetings, seminars, conferences abroad. As well as negotiate new contracts, look for new business opportunities, or simply take on a business trip.

  • Transit eVisa

Transit eVisa is granted to travelers who want to travel with a layover in another foreign country. For example, a foreign traveler who wants to travel to Rwanda through Kenya should apply for the Kenya transit eVisa to be able to have the layover there. 

Why using eVisas is the best option for smooth trips?

eVisas are the best for traveling through the world without any difficulty due to the following reasons:

  • eVisa is easy to obtain while adhering to the necessary SOPs related to the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost all aspects of life. Traveling is no exception in this regard. In fact, if we say traveling is the most affected by the pandemic area of life, it would not be a wrong statement.

To avoid Covid-19, it is essential to maintain social distancing, which is almost impossible in the case of getting traditional visas because you have to visit the Embassy to go through the necessary formalities. So, while getting the eVisa online, the chances of getting infected with the virus are nonexistent.

In this situation, eVisa is the best solution to continue traveling while maintaining social distancing. You don't have to visit an Embassy to get your eVisa. Instead, you can apply for it through an easy online application process.

There is no chance of having any physical contact with any of the Embassy staff due to the completely online application process, thanks to which you will stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Fast Processing

After applying online, your eVisa will be delivered to your email inbox in less than 72 hours. eVisas are usually approved even sooner than that. There will be no need to go through complications of applying for traditional visas and waiting weeks for approval.

  • Inexpensive

eVisa is far less expensive than any traditional visa. For example, electronic visa for Canada costs just 49 Euro and stays valid for the whole 5 years from issuing allowing numerous visits within that period. Moreover, all applicants save money they would need to spend on commuting to the Embassy.

How to Apply for an eVisa Online?

You can apply for your eVisa by following a very easy and straightforward online aplication process. The whole process consists of three simple steps:

  1. Fill the online application form

Once you have the necessary documents ready, such as a valid passport, start the application process by filling the application form.

Provide basic details such as email address, passport number, purposes of travel, and any other required information. Attach additional documents according to your desired destination’ requirements (if any are required).

  1. Cover your eVisa fee through any online payment method

After filling the online application form, you will move towards the online payment section.

Now, all there’s left to do is covering the fee of your eVisa by using any desired online payment method. After fee payment, your application will be submitted. 

  1. Check your inbox

Immediately after the submission of the application, you will receive an email of the application being approved containing a confirmation number. 

After processing the necessary documents, your eVisa will be delivered to your email address. Print the received document out and you’ll be ready for your travels!

Most eVisas are approved within just 72 hours from submitting the application form online. Apply 3 days before the planned trip and get your eVisa on time! 

Final thoughts

eVisa is the best option available for smooth worldwide travels. You can get it by applying online, which helps maintain social distancing amid the present condition of Covid-19 because you will not have to visit the Embassy.

eVisa can be obtained by following a straightforward online application process, and it will be delivered to your email inbox within 72 hours!

Choose your destination from numerous ones using the convenient eVisa system and make your visa application from the comfort of your own home!

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