Dan Rang - Nov 11, 2013
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For the sixth year in a row, the iconic famous London cab were voted the world's most favorite taxi, for everything from its quality of driving, cleanliness to safety. Even the equally famous yellow cabs in New York weren't a close competition.

In a survey by, 22 percent of participants voted London cabs as the best taxi service, while New York yellow cabs got about 10 percent of the total votes. British taxis have won 5 of the 7 categories, including top spot for quality of driving, friendliness, knowledge of the city, cleanliness and safety. In order to become a licensed taxi driver in London, they must pass one of the most demanding training courses in the world, as they must know 315 routes within 10 kilometers (6 miles) radius of Cross Charing in London.

For most of the survey respondents from more than 30 countries, safety is by far the most important element when taking the cab, which is followed by knowledge of the area, quality of driving and availability.

The survey also discovered that the most performed activity in taxi is to send e-mails or text. Also, just like with the hotels, the most important part for cab passengers is the access to wireless, which beat out music and radio.

Meanwhile, cities all over the world have been increasingly encouraging taxi drivers to expand their knowledge of the streets so that they can also serve as efficient tour guides. Dubai is the latest city that actually trains their fleet of drivers, while teaching them about hotels, events, main attractions in the city and key landmarks. Edinburgh, London and Tokyo have also launched similar programs.

World's best taxis according to survey:
1. London cabs (22% of votes)
2. New York cabs (10% of votes)
3. Tokyo cabs (9% of votes)
4. Berlin cabs (5% of votes)
5. Mexico City, Madrid and Amsterdam cabs (4% of votes)

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