Bill Alen - Apr 10, 2023
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Hotels in Ukraine, a country at war, report a 70 percent occupancy level. Despite the serious security situation, local accommodation facilities are doing well.

CNN published a report presenting the unusual facts: while half the country has been paralyzed by the war, the hotels in Ukraine, even the ski resorts, are still full.

Naturally, there are some differences: all the hotels have shelters set up in their basements that used to be parking lots.

For the hotels in Lviv and in the capital, everything is almost normal. Even normalcy defines life in Bukovel, the still-crowded ski resort in the Carpathians. Although now most guests are Ukrainians, since there are no flights to the country.

“Ukrainians need to relax to keep fighting,” the vice president of the Ukrainian Accommodation Association said.

The Edem hotel group, for example, had its third complex in Kyiv ready to open in May 2022 – at that time however, the city was being bombed. That forced the delay of the premiere, which will take place this summer.

In 2022, the capital of Ukraine was visited by 270,000 domestic and international tourists, which is 11.5 times less than in 2021 with 3.12 million tourists, the Department of Tourism and Promotion of the Kyiv City State Administration reported. Some 98,000 tourists who visited Kyiv, came from abroad – mostly from Israel, Turkey, Germany, the USA, and Great Britain.

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