Laura Loss - Nov 4, 2019
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Tourism is an industry in constant development and evolution, and to a great extent, this dynamic of change is thanks to travelers. Travelers and hotels’ guests have seen how their needs varied, how their tastes shaped according to certain trends, the emergence of new destinations and, above all, the introduction of new technologies to take their travel experience a step further.

All these changes have created a more demanding and more aware type of consumer than used to be found at the destinations. The result is that hotels have had to work harder to identify what makes an establishment a tourist favorite.

For this, it is essential to consider the services most valued by hotels’ guests. A recent study by GuestRevu lists the most important features for the visitors:


For 92.7% of guests, the hotel’s location is one of the most important aspects. In fact, it is often the main criteria when choosing accommodation in a destination. Along the same lines, finding a hotel that has not been honest in terms of location is one of the main reasons why customers write bad reviews in this regard.


That same number of guests thinks that being able to enjoy an easy, fast and simple booking process is another key factor when choosing an establishment over the others. They prioritize that the process only demands a few steps and allows them to make a reservation in just a few minutes.


Thanks to the boom of social media, it is mandatory to take care of the digital audience, but all those good manners that we use online and the proper tone in which we address and treat our virtual customers cannot be forgotten when interacting with customers face to face. Travelers demand friendly and helpful staff. This aspect could be what sets the establishment apart from the rest.

Customers who also promote

Remember that having satisfied guests translate into customers who will later become promoters of a hotel brand. This is something that cannot be forgotten. What used to be word of mouth has turned into a written comment on online sites where tourists can publicly share their reviews and opinions about any event, restaurant, hotel, worker or activity with which they interacted during their trip.

Contrary to what we believe, people tend to comment more when they have had a positive experience. In fact, out of 15,000 reviews analyzed, only 5% were negative, while more than 50% rated businesses with scores above 9. The rest were simply limited to comments without adding a specific review.

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