James Morris - Dec 12, 2006

The Hotel of Tomorrow (HOT) Project, organized by Getty, a Chicago based design firm and Hospitality Design Group intends to apply technologies (that are currently under further  research) to improve services for hotel customers. The project develops new possibilities to improve and personalize customer’s choice.



There are ideas like a touch screen through which you could choose your hotel room. See where it is located, find out about hotel’s amenities and get a view out of the room’s window. A handheld unit used as a room key or a control unit for lights, window blinds, and air conditioning. A bed that could change into a bathtub (that would save space and could be used also elsewhere than in hotels. A floor to monitor the health of a visitor and is able to display the results on a mirror. A fashion consulting system which advises a guest what to wear. These are just some ideas brought up by the participants of the project. The Hotel of Tomorrow project puts together ideas and it has created a team that possibly could make some of the ideas real.



“Hospitality Transformed: Resort Hotels in 2055” was a design competition that brought up even more ideas. Students from 84 universities in 24 countries tried to answer the question: “What will our vacation experience be like in the year 2055”. Among the most interesting suggestions was a Hotel Resort In Antarctica designed by Heehyun Nam of UIUC. Another idea was intelligent robots cleaning the rooms, making the beds and doing other hotel works.



However, there could be a danger in such a boost of modern technologies. People might have problem while using some of these highly sophisticated machines or even choosing one function from many different options.


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