Justin N. Froyd - Sep 4, 2007
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Nowadays, designing a hotel is very much an unenviable task. With so much money at stake, let’s not forget that the hotel industry generates masses of cash worldwide, such a small margin for error and huge competition, the job can hardly be described as easy. However, the newest brand on the market of the hotel industry, Aloft, has seemingly come up with an almost certain way of making improvements and boosting the popularity of their hotels both for corporate and leisure travelers. Instead of simply taking the advice of architects and reacting to their own instinctual ideas, Aloft has decided to take the advice of the customers and react upon the results of surveys.


Guest input has now taken the role of being extremely important. The group Aloft has scrutinized surveys conducted by the world famous chain, InterContinental, to discover exactly what customers have been missing and which improvements they would like to see in the future. Many of the changes are relevant to the changes in technology as well.


For example, although most modern gadgets, e.g. mobile phones, iPods, laptop computers and Mp3 players do not require an immense amount of energy, it is necessary to install a large number of power points. Furthermore, free Internet access has been identified as a must, especially as it is mostly available to the hotel at a very low price. Moreover, more comfortable and cleaner chairs are required as is more space. Aloft has thought of solving the ultimate problem by putting accessories such as ironing boards, desks and wardrobes on the wall.


As a result of such findings, Aloft hotels are similarly set to be equipped with cozy bars, convertible lobby chairs so that the customer can choose the ways in which he/she wishes to sit and flat screen television sets available for use all over the hotel. Only time will show if these plans turn out to be successful.

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