Tomas Haupt - Dec 13, 2010
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As have others, Hong Kong is benefiting from the massive growth in outbound tourism from Mainland China. However, recent encouraging figures have shown that not only the Chinese are flocking to Hong Kong to spend their cash.


The Hong Kong tourist board has announced that tourism in Hong Kong is up again by about 18% on last year. Arrivals from Mainland China have been up by around 20%, which have naturally contributed a great deal to the success of Hong Kong. The whole world has been benefiting greatly from increased opportunities for Chinese people to travel outside of their country but this is not the only reason for success in Hong Kong.

Certain events such as the 2010 Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival or special Halloween offers in October prepared by residents and business people in Hong Kong also attracted more tourists, and they did not come just out of curiosity. The Golden Week holiday is another example of the way Hong Kong has been enticing more travelers. Visits from Japan and South Korea have risen by around 20%; mostly thanks to these events.

Russians have also been arriving in greater numbers. That pleased the authorities in Hong Kong enormously since Russian travelers are known as generous spenders. Moreover, they have the advantage of being able to travel to Hong Kong without a visa. This is actually, as the revenue statistics show, an advantage for Hong Kong residents. Direct flights to and from Moscow make Hong Kong even more accessible for Russian citizens. A lot of visitors from Middle Eastern countries have been arriving for similar reasons.

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