Alec Hills - Apr 26, 2012

Holidays don’t have to be a hassle and huge expense anymore; with so many options for cheap holidays abroad, you can make your holiday the trip of a lifetime with no extra expense or worry!

Whether you just want a few days to relax and laze on the beach, or you want to let your inner adventurer out to explore the incredible sites at your feet and soak up the culture and sunshine, Egypt has something to offer everyone. And it doesn’t have to come with an unreasonable price tag, with cheap flights from Monarch Airlines, there are all kinds of incredible offers on Egypt holidays.

Egyptians are renowned for their gracious and welcoming nature. When you step off the plane into the glorious Egyptian sunshine, you feel as though you’ve entered a different world entirely. You can treat yourself to a mud bath, spa treatments or even enjoy a traditional Egyptian massage at a luxurious spa.

Egypt is known for its rich and fascinating history, and the massages you receive are no different, with roots stretching back into the country’s history. The origins of Egyptian massages lie in ancient healing traditions that see the body viewed as three pyramids. Egyptians believe in stimulating the nervous system rather than just the muscles, giving you an intense massage. All you need to do is lie back and relax as all your cares drift away and you allow yourself to be pampered from head to toe…

Sharm El Sheikh is home to many incredible spas, with several of them just a few minutes away from Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. If you choose to fly to Luxor International Airport instead, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the spas in Luxor. Luxor International Airport is also the closest airport to the popular location of the Nile Valley, where you can explore the Valley of the Kings – without which no trip to Luxor would be complete.

Holidays in Egypt give you the opportunity to escape the hectic days of home and allow you to experience an ancient country, which is beautiful and tranquil, and where all you need to do is sit and watch the world go by, and just make sure you keep applying the sun cream!

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