Theodore Slate - Apr 22, 2012
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United Kingdom's Airline industry has been considered to be on of the major contributors to the economic growth of the country. However, with the recent criticisms that have mounted on the industry, there is very little hope that it will be able to uphold the significant economic growth that it has undergone over the past years. The point of criticism has been sparked by the lack of capacity in the UK's Heathrow Airport. It is as a result of a survey conducted on the airport that the news has broke out revealing the degradation that is taking place at the airport currently. In fact, from the revelation, several airlines from across the world have announced their plans to cut their routes to the airport, a move that will greatly affect the UK tourism industry.

Currently, a group of airlines started withdrawing their fleet from the airport citing major capacity constraints with. Of these world airlines that have been serving their clients from the Heathrow airport, 53% have clearly stated that they are making preparations to reschedule their flights to other countries other than the United Kingdom as a result of the lack of capacity in Heathrow airport. According to the survey conducted about the condition of the airport, 86% of the world airlines have showed that they are willing to schedule more flights to the UK if the condition of the Heathrow airport is improved. The lack of capacity that is cited in the airport is as a result of inadequate landing and take-off slots within Heathrow airport.

The revelation on the condition of Heathrow airport was released by the CEO of BAA, the company that is charged with the management of the airport. The CEO, Colin Mathews released the results of the survey conducted by the Board of Airline Representatives in the United Kingdom at a transport conference which took place in London. When releasing the results of the survey, Colin Mathews came out as one of the CEOs of the airline industry that dearly want a revision on the government policies on the aviation industry to give a go ahead to the expansion of Heathrow airport. The CEO echoed the sentiments of the world airlines operating from Heathrow airport that if measures are not put into place for the expansion of the airport then the airlines will have to cancel flights to the UK altogether.

Mr. Mathews went ahead to criticize the UK by saying that instead of taking an upper hand in moving forward in the same pace with countries like China in economic growth, the country is relenting the fight to other competitors by creating barriers to airlines that are potential providers of job opportunities, trade and economic growth. However, the UK's Aviation Minister Theresa Villiers said that even though the government recognizes the value of maintaining the position of Britain among countries with the best connection in the world, the government is committed to exploring every avenue to ensure that the aviation industry is in order but without consideration of a third runway at the Heathrow airport.

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