Denise Chen - Jan 15, 2008

Hawaii has been a popular tourism destination for long period. The state is made up by eight main islands and numerous islets. The archipelago has a lot to offer regarding tourism and the Hawaii economy highly depends on the tourism industry. This year, however, may be less profitable than the year 2007.


The experts predict the 2008 growth in tourism will account only for some 1.1% but it is quite possible that the number of arrivals will drop for the first time since 2003. Nonetheless, there should be approximately 7.5 million visitors coming to Hawaii in 2008, which is roughly a million more than a decade ago. The biggest problem for the Hawaii tourism industry is the decline of US economy. The mortgage crisis and the higher fuel prices will probably cause a drop in the number of the US citizens coming on vacation to this destination. It is a problem for the global tourism industry as well. Many Americans are likely to change their vacation behavior because of the rising prices.


Hawaii has lots to offer. There are wonderful scenic beauties and numerous possibilities how to spend your free time. For example the Big Island is famous for its volcanoes. Kīlauea, which is the most active, has been erupting almost continuously for more than two decades. The most developed and highly populated island is Oahu. The capital Honolulu is located here. The island is also popular with surfers. Pearl Harbor is located on this island. The USS Arizona Memorial, which commemorates the casualties of Japanese attack from 7 December 1941, is a popular tourism attraction.


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