Laura Maudlin - Jun 24, 2008
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Germany is, if not worldwide, then certainly the European leader in business tourism. Germany, unlike some southern European countries does not rely on low-spending sun-seeking tourists. However, it very much welcomes high-spending business men who come in thousands to Germany ever year. Indeed, most businessmen do not really care too much about how much they have to spend as their company pays most of the time. The market of business tourism is immense for the Germans, explaining why new innovative ideas appear in this area on a regular basis.


One of them has been realized in KAI 10 in Hamburg. This is a €3 million project consisting of a three-tier construction on water. The top tier is above the water, the middle tier is on the water and the lower tier is actually under water. It has been praised for making the best usage of the water theme. Indeed, the whole construction only took 9 months which is quite surprising considering the sophistication of the operation. The structure floats on two heavy steel pontoons and is both pleasing to the eye and to those on board. KAI 10 is expected to be used for events, conferences, meetings and non-business related events such as weddings and sport celebrations.


The 450 square-meter space is enough for 160 people at a time on all three floors. The revenue status has enormous potential and the €3 million is almost certain to be recuperated in a very short time. The logic behind the marketing side of the KAI 10 is that only relatively wealthy business customers will have the capacity to hire such a facility. This means that they are certain to spend more whilst on the premises. Many of the world’s richest tycoons and businessmen would surely look forward to boasting about having a floating business experience.

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