Bill Alen - Jul 2, 2020
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Hair salons across England are excited to reopen in July and most appointments are already fully booked.

Without access to haircuts during the coronavirus lockdown, people across England are rejoicing once again as the government has allowed hairdressers to reopen their shops starting on July 4th. Everyone desperate for a cut or dye doesn’t have to go about wearing a hat anymore to cover up their hair! According to one London hairdresser in a BBC interview, over 2,000 people are currently on a waiting list and this is likely to be the norm in nearly every hair salon across the country.

There will, of course, be many restrictions in order to comply with regulations designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but patrons will still be able to get a decent cut. "We've been busy preparing the salon for opening in the last few weeks and have put plastic screens in place and have floor markings that are ready to go down. “We have a range of plastic visors and face masks for staff and will do whatever else the guidelines require to ensure everyone is safe," said Dale Hollinshead from Hazel & Haydn in Birmingham. While some patrons were likely using hair bleach at home and taking the DIY approach to lighten their hair, it’s never a bad thing to have a professional check the hair quality and ensure everything is at its best.

Both the hairstylist and patron will be expected to wear a mask, as well as being asked to wait outside or in their car until their appointment is ready. The days of reading a magazine in the waiting room are likely over, as will be the idea of bringing a friend or partner into the hair salon while the cut or dye is taking place. Anyone who doesn’t exactly need to be in the salon will likely not be permitted inside to help stop the spread of the infection. Less chit-chat and free coffees and drinks are also expected to be jettisoned to speed up the appointment and reduce staying time.

Anyone with flu-like symptoms is asked to stay home and reschedule their session, as well, paying by card is preferred rather than cash. Prices will also be higher in most salons (with more fees for disinfecting chairs, door handles, and the floor), as many of these small businesses lost out on a lot of sales during the quarantine and will be hoping to recoup their earnings.

Once more restrictions are lifted in England over the coming months, whether as a tourist or a local, make sure you check out some of the best walking spots to enjoy the summer.

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