Alec Hills - Nov 23, 2009

In terms of hotels, it is certainly fair to say that high prices do not guarantee satisfaction. Sometimes, the opposite is true. Expectations play a crucial role, especially when disappointing guests. A survey by has shown that London, Copenhagen and Amsterdam scored the lowest in satisfying guests, whereas places like Bologna and Bruges scored very high.




Customer satisfaction is a very difficult variable to rely upon when judging hotels. The service and style of a hotel in London may be the same as in the French countryside yet the guest will invariably express a greater satisfaction with the French hotel as states the latest Reputation Ranking by Based on 2.7 million hotel reviews for 13,000 hotels in 50 European cities the analysis also suggested that high prices do not guarantee any satisfaction at all. The most expensive cities seemed to score the lowest.


Admittedly, Germany is one of the most expensive countries of the European Union, yet Dresden is not its most expensive city. Dresden was indeed number 1 for hotel satisfaction, with a special mention going to the five star hotel Suitess. Bruges in Belgium was the winner of the silver medal, with the vibrant student life of Bologna helping the Italian city to achieve bronze. Indeed, Bruges and Dresden were the only cities to achieve over 80 points in the analysis.


The British Isles had a very miserable result on the other hand. Most guests of London hotels were not satisfied at all. It seems that the British reputation of politeness has taken quite a blow and may soon become nothing more than an urban myth. Despite the weakening of the British Pound, it seems that London is still considered to be too expensive and that hotels give absolutely no value for money.


The factors behind the lack of success of Copenhagen and Amsterdam (reaching 47th and 48th position out of 50) in this area are subject only to theory. It is believed that many visitors are surprised by the expenses involved in visiting Scandinavian countries, leading to a lack of satisfaction amongst visitors to the Danish capital. Amsterdam may well be hindered by over population and complacency amongst hotel owners.




Online Reputation Ranking – European Cities


1/ Dresden


2/ Bruges


3/ Bologna


4/ Salzburg


5/ Venice




46/ Athens


47/ Amsterdam


48/ Copenhagen


49/ Birmingham


50/ London








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