Wayne M. Gore - May 22, 2007

There is a new trend emerging in the spa industry – spas for men. According to a survey by Canadian Tourism Commission and International Spa Association, roughly 30 per cent of spa-goers are men and, surprisingly, more men take "spa vacations" than women. Men with stressful jobs realize that going to a bar after work is not enough. As the survey has shown, an increasing number of men now choose to visit a spa for a massage as a way to unwind and recharge their body and mind. Spas are responding to this and are beginning to offer services for men. Many spas now equip their facilities with beds long enough to cater for even the tallest of men. Some spas offer couple packages; according to David Leow, Managing Director at Fusion Cosmetics Singapore “There are attractive couple packages available where both parties can enjoy a spa treatment together and at the same time spend quality time.”  It is important for a spa that is catering for men to have separate facilities like hot tubs and waiting rooms. There are also some male-only spas, e.g. Nickel Spa For Men in NYC or The Grooming Lounge in Washington D.C., and The Absolute Spa at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. Another interesting development is the growth in special treatments for men, among them for example skin-care for dry skin from daily shaving or sensitivity from razor burn.


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