Kevin Eagan - Jul 15, 2019
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Just recently, a photo circulated on the Internet, on which sled dogs ran across a frozen lake. However, the ice cover was unusually thawed at a very early time of the year that the animals were knee-deep in the water. An alarming sign of climate change. But Greenland wants to focus more on tourism in the coming days. However, this must be compatible with aspects of sustainability and climate protection.

The ice sheet on Greenland is the second largest in the world and covers 80% of the region. But rising temperatures thaw the ice and this year, it happened earlier than usual. This change also has an impact on the inhabitants and Greenland tourism. Hunting areas are harder or impossible to reach and much more.

Therefore, in order to boost sales on the island, Greenland now has a plan to attract more tourists than ever before. The thawing ice makes it possible to offer boat tours for a longer period. In addition, new hotels are to be built that can accommodate more guests.

To facilitate the journey to Greenland, the two airports in the region are to be expanded by 2023. This will enable direct flights from Europe and the United States. A new airport for domestic flights will also be built. With all these novelties, 10% more visitors are expected on the island every year.

However, Greenland tourism plans also cause fears and criticism. Why should a region so directly affected by climate change increase the traffic? Experts also add that airplanes emit vast amounts of CO2, which ultimately contributes a great deal to climate change.

It remains to be seen how the plans are ultimately combined with the principles of sustainability.

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