Andrea Hausold - Apr 22, 2008
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Have you ever thought how many people look at large excavator and say ‘hey, I would love a go at that’? This was precisely the thought which crossed the mind of New Zealander Ed Mumm before he opened Dig This in Colorado. Dig This is the planet’s first heavy digging equipment theme park, which offers adults the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of large machinery and have a go at operating it for themselves. It is basically a giant sandbox. It gives adults, mostly men of course, the change to live out of their childhood fantasies of being in control of such huge equipment.


The tour starts off with a professional demonstration of how the equipment works, using a miniature size plan of the whole park. Then, safety procedures are explained in great detail in order to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Indeed, one could understandably go a little wild when behind the wheel of a giant excavator for the first time. Staying with safety, the park recommends appropriate clothing. This is not only a safety issue, yet is also very much dependant on the weather.


Once in the park and in the large machines, the Steamboat area of Colorado becomes a giant play area with various exercises introduced. Clients are taught how to shift snow and mud, whilst also instructed in manoeuvring the machines through tough terrain. The experience is not cheap and can run into hundreds of dollars. However, many say that the best investments always involve buying memories. Similarly, many man would even pay more just to feel like a kid again, especially when their childhood instincts can be realised with machinery they are only ever likely to use once in a lifetime. Dig This is so unique that it is a fun park which one rarely forgets.

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