Tomas Haupt - Jun 12, 2017
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The Peruvian government announced its aim to boost north of Peru tourism sector. The region like much of the country has suffered a number of floods and torrential rains leaving over 700,000 people homeless and 100 dead. The goal of the “VamosPalNorte” campaign and all of its associated promotional activities is to increase the amount of visitors by 8%, which would mean a great help for the economy of the north of Peru.

In view of the next long holiday weekend, which will begin on the 29th of June, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR), is launching the “#VamosPalNorte” campaign. With discounts of up to 50% and 185 travel offerings – valid until July 2nd – they expect to increase tourism by 8% to the north of Peru throughout the year, resulting in 2 million new trips to the region.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros, said that this will also help to revive the economy of those areas most affected by the floods. “According to the data that the MINCETUR has been looking at, hotel reservations in some areas have decreased by up to 90% for general tourism, and in terms of the Holy Week long weekend, tourism dropped by 10% at the national level,” he said during the launch of the campaign.

Marisol Acosta, Director of Tourism for “Promperú”, explained that the campaign will primarily try to appeal to families (28%), groups of friends (27%) and couples (22%). “The goal of the campaign and of the promotional materials will be to increase visitation by 8%, which will translate into 2 million trips made to the north of Peru,” she indicated.

As part of the campaign, the internet portal “¿Y tú qué planes?”, with the support of 60 tourism companies from country's northern regions, have made 185 travel offerings available.  The packages started on the 8th of June and serve as an invitation to travel on any of the following weekends.

North of Peru

The virtual platform offers, for example, a three-day travel package to “Piura” which includes, but is not limited to, two-nights accommodation, horseback riding in “Máncora”, a guided tour which includes “Los Órganos”, the mud pits, the hot springs and ziplining for only S/ 369 per person.

It will also be possible to visit “Lambayeque” thanks to a two-day promotion which includes a visit to the “Huaca Rajada” Archaeological Complex, the “Tumbas Reales de Sipán” Museum, the “Bruning” Museum and the candy factory for only S/ 210 per person.

Travelers will also have the opportunity to visit “La Libertad” with two nights of lodging being provided and to get to know the “Huacas del Sol y de la Luna”, “Chan Chan” and the “Huanchaco” spa for only S/ 199 per person. Another option is exploring “Áncash” by taking advantage of a two-day package which includes two nights of lodging and a visit to the “Chavín de Huántar” archaeological site, the snowy “Pastoruri” and the famous “Laguna 69” for only S/ 240 per person.


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