Denise Chen - Sep 8, 2014
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Internet giant, Google, has done it again. This time, they have extended a helping hand to Greece's tourism industry, by initiating management courses for 3000 tourism related businesses. In an attempt to promote tourism in the dainty island of Crete, Google has made it a point to help small businesses flourish in the city. 

Google has proved that nothing is impossible, especially when there is a will to accomplish a certain task. In order to help small companies setup their business successfully, Google will launch the mission in September. Depending on the success of the program, the methodology would be rolled out to benefit other prominent sectors. 

This way Google is expected to help the Greek economy, which has been struggling to break free from the iron clad chains of recession. Industry union, Sete, reported that the whole economy is hoping to finally be able to move on after the bitter episode of economic reforms and recession.

Google is said to make full use of their Google My Business and Google AdWords program in order to bring visibility and power to the companies struggling to leave a mark on the Internet.

What’s in it for Google? Google is one of the biggest Internet search providers in the world currently. The company has also been known to invest heavily in its philanthropic initiatives all throughout the world. Given the mutual interest related to the growth of the Greek economy, Google hopes to expand its horizons as the Greek economy flourishes over the oncoming years. 

The Greek authority is currently expecting to welcome around 21 million tourists by the end of the year 2014. With the advent of the tourist season, the Greek Government can expect a whopping increase in the number of jobs available in the market over the oncoming months.

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