Dan Rang - Aug 2, 2023
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On July 31st, UNESCO suggested adding Venice to the List of World Heritage in Danger because of a lack of efficient measures to prevent the site's deterioration. This is mainly due to the impact of mass tourism and climate change. The organization believes current efforts are inadequate. Venice was only narrowly saved from being added to the list this year.

According to the World Heritage Centre, a division of UNESCO, Venice's continued growth, along with the effects of climate change and the influx of tourists, could have irreversible consequences for the property's Outstanding Universal Value. In its assessment, UNESCO highlights the risks of rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions associated with global warming.

A lack of a shared global strategic vision

The World Heritage Centre has expressed concern over the slow progress in resolving essential issues in Italy, which are considered urgent despite being old. The lack of a shared global strategic vision and poor coordination among local and national authorities have hindered the resolution of these issues. The Centre hopes that if these sites are endangered, it will encourage more remarkable dedication and mobilization from local, national, and international actors. At present, this is merely the opinion of the Heritage Centre. It will only be added to the list of UNESCO states' votes to do so during a session in Riyadh from September 10th to 25th.

One of the most visited cities in the world

Did you know that Venice, an island city established in the fifth century, was once a powerful maritime force in the tenth century? It comprises 118 islets and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. According to the UN agency, Venice is a remarkable architectural masterpiece. Most miniature monuments contain works by the world's greatest artists, such as Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese. Despite its depopulation, tens of thousands of daily visitors and up to 100,000 tourists stay in Venice at peak attendance. This contrasts with the 50,000 inhabitants who live in the city center.

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