Nils Kraus - Aug 31, 2015
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Overseas promotion of the fourth edition of Global Tourism Economy Forum (GTEF) to be held in Macau from 12 to 14 October, 2015 took place in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur on 24 August and 25 August respectively. Supported by MGM MACAU, the roadshow successfully engaged 141 representatives from the Singaporean and Malaysian tourism communities in the promotion of GTEF 2015 and cultural tourism in Macau.

Launched by Global Tourism Economy Research Center in Macau in 2012, Global Tourism Economy Forum is an annual international event and an interactive exchange platform that is designed to create a macro view of the interplay between tourism and other major economies, and the momentum that each builds upon the growth of the other. It brings together global policymakers and industry leaders annually to share insights in global tourism economy issues. It sparks mutually beneficial exchanges, cooperation and partnerships between stakeholders. The Forum brings stakeholders from around the world to explore the real opportunities that underlies China’s regional integration policies and provides an opportunity for stakeholders to engage in business-matching and privately-scheduled meetings that bring new partnerships and business leads.

Co-organized by the China Chamber of Tourism, GTEF has continued to receive support from the Chinese government and international tourism organizations, including the China National Tourism Administration, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), World Travel and Tourism Council, and Pacific Asia Travel Association.

Since 2012, GTEF has attracted over 3,000 attendees from 45 countries around the world, including over 100 prominent speakers from both the public and the private sectors, and a number of delegations from China.

Building upon the premise of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road which represents open and inclusive regional and international cooperation, GTEF 2015 will focus on the theme of “Belt and Road Initiative: Unleashing the New Dynamics of Cultural Tourism,” exploring subject matters such as connectivity, public-private partnership, Chinese consumers behavior and overseas investment trends, symbiosis of cultural heritage and creative living culture, and the impact of social media on tourism.

This year, GTEF will feature the Chinese provinces of Zhejiang and Fujian, the Chinese city of Tianjin, and the Pacific Alliance countries - Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. GTEF will showcase the tourism offerings and investment opportunities of these exciting destinations and at the same time provide a platform for the Chinese and Pacific Alliance stakeholders to exchange ideas, network and engage in talks about potential collaborations in each other’s market. 

GTEF 2015 will gather leaders in the global tourism industry and other related industries, including key government officials from various countries, the industry leaders, business experts, and research and academic experts, to share their collective wisdom in exploiting the opportunities and tackling the challenges in the current state of the global tourism economy.

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