Denise Chen - Jul 13, 2009
The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) published its latest World Tourism Barometer this June. The analysis reports 8% decline in global tourism.  The UNWTO’s lates World Tourism Barometer revealed that worldwide international tourism dropped by 8% between January and April when compared to the data from 2008. Based on new information the researchers expect the international tourism to drop by 6% and 4% in 2009.The reasons for the decrease are obvious. The biggest one is the global economic crisis. There is also the swine flu that has negative impact on travel as well. All continents except Africa witnessed a decrease in tourism arrivals.Europe was hit particularly hard. There was a 10 per cent decline in arrivals since the source markets of Europe’s tourism destinations were considerably hit by the crisis. There is also certain instability in the exchange rates which makes traveling less comfortable. The Americas witnessed a 5 per cent drop, also because of the crisis. On the other hand South America recorded a slight 0.2 per cent growth. Asia and the Pacific arrivals decreased by 6 per cent. Africa, especially the northern destinations around the Mediterranean, was doing better; also Kenya managed to recover as a wanted tourism destination. Thanks to these destinations Africa recorded a 3 per cent growth. Middle East on the other hand as a separate region recorded a significant decrease in arrivals, 18 per cent down compared to the previous year.The experts anticipate the decline to slow down during the rest of the year. In May-August the drop is expected to be between 6 and 4 per cent. In September-December it should be between 5 per cent and 3 per cent. Related:ONLY 36% OF EUROPEAN WORKERS PLAN HOLIDAYS


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