Chris Grad - Mar 31, 2014
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After the tourist country Germany was able to position themselves in 2012 at rank one of the most popular foreign travel destinations for Austrians – even before Italy, Croatia, and Spain -, the neighboring country is enjoying a continuingly increasing inquiry from Austria. According to a current trend study, it also promises to become the favorite vacation travel destination of Austrian's in 2014.

On behalf of Corps Touristique, the IMC technical college Krems in cooperation with the Austrian Statistics led a study to capture traveling trends within the Austrian population and for specific traveling plans for the year 2014.
The outcome resulting from this shows that 89% of the Austrian's are planning a private vacation trip to a foreign country this year; only 11 % do not want to travel in 2014. A little more than half of Austrian's are still planning their foreign travels for 2014; 46.1% have already booked them. According to the current planning and reservation level, the travel destination Germany is number one in reserved as well as planned vacation trips, followed by Italy, Croatia, Spain, and Greece.

"Among the top travel destinations, the tourist country Germany has so far recorded most reservations with 10.7%. Further 31.9% of the interviewed Austrian's intend to travel to Germany in the year 2014 and further 16.6% are interested in traveling to Germany and are taking Germany into consideration when it comes to planning their travels. The tourist country Germany also continuously scores big as a vacation destination from year to year in the Austrian market," said Laszlo Dernovics, head of the foreign agency Austria and Slovakia and regional manager of Southeastern Europe DZT.

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