Justin N. Froyd - Apr 2, 2012
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Most of business trips of German employees are one-day only. The most popular hotels among business travelers are four star facilities.

Business trips are always more or less stressful for the travelers. However, single-day business trips are viewed among the experts as the most inconvenient for the employees on the road.

The German Travel Association (VDR) reported that in Germany the number of one-day business trips (about 53% of trips) has never been so high since 2003. This is one of the results of VDR’s recent analysis including interviews with 1500 employees working for major companies.

The number of employees going on business trips is steadily decreasing. Four years ago there were more than a third of employees traveling on business trips (35%). This number has decreased to 24% in 2011. It means nevertheless, according to a long term study, that more trips are being distributed among fewer employees.

Regarding the accommodation of business travelers, many of them are opting for less luxury. The 5 star hotels in Germany lost approximately 7% of domestic business guests and in 2011 only 3% of them stayed in the most luxurious facilities. The number of business travelers staying in four star hotels on the other hand increased by 10% to 41%.

The business leaders are nevertheless more optimistic than last year. The respondents agree that the companies will spend more on accommodation and flights. Rail and car rental companies are however likely to lose. About 80% of business leaders do not expect to spend more for these services, reported

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